Bublik, Anatoli Vasilievich

Anatoli Vasilievich Bublik was born in Tambov in 1946. He studied from 1968 to 1972 in the Moscow Regional Art School called "In the Memory of 1905". He has been a member of the Russian Artists' Union since 1995. He shows his work in regional, zonal and republican exhibitions. Some of his paintings are in [...]

Bukovetsky, Yevgeni Osipovich (Iosifovich)

Evgeni Osipovich Bukovetsky was born in 1866 in Odessa (on the Black Sea). From 1887 until 1890, he studied at the Odessa Drawing School. His teacher was the well-known Russian artist Kostandi. In 1890 he entered the Imperial Academy of Arts in Paris and studied there under Zuhlen. Bukovetsky lived and worked in Odessa and took part [...]

Bykov, Nikolai Konstantinovich

Nikolai Konstantinovich Bykov was born in Khava in the Voronezh region. He studied at the Voronezh Art College from 1938 to 1940, and he began exhibiting in 1950. He lived and worked in the Voronezh area throughout most of his live, and he died in 1984.

Bystrov, Alexander K.

Alexander K. Bystrov was born in the Saratov Region in 1956. From 1979 to 1985 he studied at the department of monumental painting at the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under the guidance of professor and academician A. A. Mylnikov. From 1985 until 1989 he studied at the art studio of Professor Mylnikov. [...]

Chepelev, Viktor Vasilievich

Viktor Vasilievich Chepelev was born in 1937 in the village Yurlovka of the Tambov region. He began studying at the Ryazan Art School in 1946 and graduated in 1951. He participated in municipal and regional art exhibitions. He lived and worked in the city of Lipetsk until his death in 1999.

Chernak, B. A.

As yet, we have no biographic information for this artist.

Chernikov, Yuri Alekseevich

Yuri A. Chernikov was born in Voronezh on June 28, 1939. He studied at the Voronezh Architectural and Building College and the Ryazan Art School from 1958 to 1966. Throughout his career he has participated in many exhibitions in Russia. He works primarily in the area of monumental art and photography. In 2006, Chernikov held his [...]

Cherskikh, Dmitri Grigorevich

Dmitri G. Cherskikh was born in 1887. He studied at Moscow VKHuTEMAs until 1922. He lived and worked in Voronezh, and died in 1961.

Chichulin, Ivan Nikitavich

Ivan Nikitavich Chichulin was born in 1922. He lives and works in Biryulevo; Moscow.

Chuikov, Evgeni Vasilevich

Evgeni Chuikov was born in the Nizhni Ryaut province in 1924. He had no systematic art education; but took advice from artist G. S. Kolosovski. He specializes in landscape paintings. Active in Zaporozhe, Ukraine.

Chuvin, Alexander Valentinovich

Alexander Valentinovich Chuvin was born in Samara in 1952. In 1981, he graduated from the monumental painting studio of academician A.A. Mylnikov at the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). In 1984 he graduated from the creative studio of A.A. Mylnikov. Chuvin later became a teacher at the Repin [...]

Corober, Marchel E.

Marchel E. Corober was born in 1974 in Chishinau, Moldova. In 1988 he graduated from secondary school with advanced teaching of English. In 1994 he graduated from the Repin Art and Pedegogical College in Chishinau. He spent the next year at the Mukhina Art and Industrial Academy in St. Petersburg, the following year at the [...]

Danshin, Nikolai Ivanovich

Nikolai Ivanovich Danshin was born on July 24, 1924, in the town of Omsk in Siberia. He studied at the Perm Art College from 1940 to 1942. He fought in World War II. Since 1946 he has been living and working in Lipetsk. He is a member of the Artists' Union of Russia and has exhibited [...]

Davidov, Alexander Pavlovich

Alexander Pavlovich Davidov was born in the village of Kazachie in the Lipetsk Region. He entered Eletsk Art School in 1953 and graduated in 1958. His teachers there were the People's Artists of Russia V. Sorokin and A. Kor. Davidov has been represented in Russia, Regional and All-Union exhibitions. His paintings are in the museums of [...]

Denisenko, Olga

Olga Denisenko was born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in 1968. She attended the Ioganson Art School from 1979 to 1986. She entered The Repin Insititute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1989 under the guidance of Academician and Professor A. A. Mylnikov and graduated with honors in 1996. From 1997 to 2001 she was [...]