Ignatov, Nikolai Petrovich


Nikolai Petrovich Ignatov was born November 21, 1915 in the village Zatishie in the Ryazan region of Russia. He studied at the Ryazan Art and Music Teacher’s Training School from 1934 until 1938, and later at the Moscow Applied and Decorative Art College. He taught at the Ryazan Art School from 1946 till 1950. He became a member of Artists’ Union of the USSR in 1947, and began participating in art exhibitions that same year.

Important exhibitions include:

  • The Fifth Regional “Artists of the Nonchernozem Zone” (1980, Ryazan)

His works are in galleries and museums in Russia and abroad, including:

  • The State Esenin Conservation Museum ( Konstantinovo, Ryazan region)
  • The Ryazan Historical and Architectural Conservation Museum
  • The Ryazan Regional Art Museum

Ignatov lived and worked in the city of Ryazan until his death in the 1990s.


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  • Landscape with a Tractor