Bogacheva, Valentina Mikhailovna


It took Valentina Bogachova 20 years and hundreds of paintings to develop her style. Her favorite still life paintings are full of different fruits, vegetables, and flowers. They focus on large splotches of color. While all the elements of the paintings are bonded together, they do not lose their individual identity. She likes to be very technical and try different things with style and color. The tone of the resulting still life is very moderate and soft with a gentle feeling.

Both she and her husband, Andrei Bogachev, are graduates of the Repin Institute in St. Petersburg where they met in the late ’70s, and the two have worked together ever since. Although both prefer still life, they also work with landscapes and motifs of war, and both say they are inspired by Pushkin’s poetry.

Andrei and Valentina live and work in Voronezh.

Her works have been published in various books and journals, including:

  • “Artists from Voronezh.” Voronezh, 2002.
  • “The Voronezh Artists’ Union.” Voronezh, 2006.


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  • Night Bouquet