Barinova-Kuleba, Vera Ivanovna


Vera Ivanovna Barinova-Kuleba was born in 1938 in Krasnaya Luka, Poltava region, Ukraine. She graduated from the Kiev Art Institute until 1965. She studied painting under the supervision of V. Puzirkov, K. Trokhimenko, and V. Kostetsky. She painted in the workshops of S. Grigoriev (giant of Social Realism) in 1969. She has participated in numerous exhibitions.

Well-known works include:

  • “Girls” (1965)
  • “Mother” (1968)
  • “Song” (1970)
  • “Triptych” (1986)
  • “Past and Now” (1988)
  • “A Good Trip” (1989)
  • “Portrait of M. Dragomanov” (1991)
  • “Cossacks” (1992)

Her works have been published in various books including:

  • “Ukrainian Painting of the 20th–Early 21st Century.” National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev, 2006.

She has taught at the Kiev Art Institute since 1969. She lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.