Astashev, Eduard Ivanovich


Astashev Eduard Ivanovich was born on September 25, 1932, in the city of Georgievsk, the Stavropol Territory. He studied at the Krasnodarsk Art College until 1956. He became a member of the Artists Union in 1958. He lived in the republic Dagestan till 1962 and then moved to Voronezh where he worked as a chief artist of the city of Voronezh from 1967 to 1968. Since 1983, he has lived in Moscow, working in the area of church art.

Astashev’s artworks are kept in the Kramskoj Voronezh Regional Art Museum, Dagestan Museum of Fine Art, and the Orel Art Gallery. He made a number of murals in the Voronezh Uspenskaya Church on Monastyrshhenka (1989 - 1994), Pokrovski Cathedral, Church of Ioann Predtecha (John the Baptist) and Home Church of the Metropolitan Rooms (1994 - 1998).

Among his artworks are: the paintings “Going on the city leave” (1956) and “On the way” (1960); linoleum engraving series “Hot bread” (1958) and “Dagestan” (1959); water-color series “Over Don and Kuban” (1961 - 1963). His main artworks are: the triptych “Sons of the Fatherland” (1969); portraits “Bricklayer” (1972), “Steel maker” (1974) and “Woman from Balkhar” (1980); series of Voronezh and Moscow water-color landscapes.

He participated in the zonal exhibitions “The Land of Chernozem”. In 1966, Astashev held his personal exhibition in Voronezh.

He lives and works in Moscow.